Harke Haldar 21 December 2016 (Ep. 296)

Harke Haldar is a comedy TV serial of Kantipur Television. It is broadcasted from Kantipur television on Sunday 7.30 pm. The program, “Harke Haldar” the show which is based on entertainment show.
There are many diffrent kind of characters,all of the characters are comic but they are presented social activitieiss in a comic way.Who are watching In this context, the program has been played by the artists- Bishnu Sapkota, Rishani Sapkota, Shiva Hari Bairagi, Binod Manandhar, Anita Karki, Asha Khadka, Indra Dong Lama, Saru Dahal, Rajan Chaulagain and Laxmi Chaulagain.
In the present episode, the program has thus focused on the man who cheats his wife saying that he will go Muglin for attending the marriage party. But he did not go. Rather he went to the brew shop. After the reality is revealed his wife becomes fury on him and shouts at him. He could not console her. But his wife started to weep. She even ails for the chances of marrying young woman at the age of his daughter. The woman even shouts at her sister who asked her for something.


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