Jyoti Magar Super Hit Song ||2016

Nepali model singer Jyoti Magar is one of those who have tried the glamour in folk songs and they seem to be successful in their experiment. She has done modeling herself  on most of her songs.Folk music mainly focus on classic culture, dress and entertainment through highly disciplined interaction between boys and girls where music like dohori, Rodhi etc help. In the recent years singers like Jyoti Thapa Magar have set a new trend on Nepali folk music.Lok geet or folk songs are meant to carry our culture and tradition but some of these new singers have dared to break the tradition and create a beautiful fusion of classic and modern taste. bold Born in remote village of Rukum and educated in western city of Dang, Jyoti Thapa magar used to sing since she remembered and continued singing at school as well. Later when she came to Kathmandu for further study, she saw a trending market of folk song which many so called musicians these days are confused what the market is craving for.She released few folk song albums and some of them are a huge success like “Uhi Mulako Sinki”, Khichdeu Euta Photo Ye Sahuji Dekhau Chhoto Chhoto”, “Andheroma Lako Maya Kali Chhauki Gori” etc. 


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