Sweet Couple dancing at panche baja Butwal fulbari

Panche Baja is used in holy ceremonies like marriage. But now this system is found only in the rural areas where people living in poverty cannot afford advanced musical bands. So people living in the villages are preserving Nepal’s tradition and culture.
Musical instruments have proved to be one of the major sources of entertainment from the first hole drilled in a caveman’s bone flute, to Pythagoras’s ratios, to the computer synthesizers of today. Musical composition took on additional harmonic complexity during this time, as composers discovered ways to utilize the new resources.
Technology created musical complexity and the need for changing intonation in later years. People are getting used to the modern instruments as they are easy to use, and lots of institutions give training for use of such instruments. The younger generation, who are supposed to preserve the tradition and culture of our ancestors, are much influenced by Western music.


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