UML shakti pradarshan @ 2073-09-22

CPN-UML General Secretary Ishwar Pokharel has said that the country has been polarized between nationalist and anti-nationalist forces.

Addressing a mass meeting staged by nine opposition parties including CPN-UML at Bhrikutimandap on Friday, Pokharel said that those nationalist forces have stood united under the leadership of the CPN-UML.

“The time has come for the people to choose either to be with the nationalist forces and anti-nationalist forces,” said Pokharel, adding, “Clashes are going on between these two forces, claiming that the nationalist campaign led by CPN-UML will emerge victorious.”

Meanwhile, Pokharel accused the political parties of conspiring against the constitution in the name of amendment at the behest of foreign power.

“We will not let their wishes get fulfilled,” said Pokharel.


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