Wrestling Show in Nepal with video

Last years match had the spectators throwing chairs and anything else they could find into the ring, after Vito almost defeated Mr. Tiger, before being escorted out of the arena. “They were just upset that the man representing their country was losing, and nobody wants to see their hero go down.


They were cheering for me, but they liked Mr. Tiger better” says Vito and states “the police did an incredible job since they were outnumbered; they got everyone out of the arena and controlled the situation.” The government has invited Vito to return to the country, promising high security so last year’s incident will not occur again. He’s looking forward to the trip, and plans to give the fans a show they won’t forget. This Saturday, Big Vito will be appearing at New Jersey Premier Night Entertainment Complex Adelphia in Deptford,NJ to challenge for the Celebrity Wrestling Championship.


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